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this package was created for boutiques need of street style images for their social media and website! showcase your latest collection with high-quality, storytelling photos


  • 15 minutes per outfit (minimum 4)

  • 10 photos per outfit

  • web size images

  • one location


do you.. own a boutique? need street style images for your latest collection? 


Step 1: Please read the "About Package" and "Ask Yourself" sections to make sure you're selecting the right package for you!

Step 2: Scroll down to view pricing! Once you've decided on which package works best for you, click on the package and it will take you to the calendar.

Step 3: Once you're at the calendar you will select the next available date. If the date is not available on the calendar, it is not available. I promise, I wouldn't lie to you guys!

Step 4: Once you have selected your date, proceed to fill out all the required documents and information to secure your booking. 

Step 5: Final step is to submit deposit! Once your deposit is submitted, you'll receive a confirmation email for your schedule shoot!

Any questions regarding this process or help booking, contact me here!