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As many of you may know, I took a break from social media last month and I can say that it was quite refreshing. Being away from social media helped me realize how much time I spent scrolling on my phone, rather than working toward my goals. I love social media just as much as everyone else but, sometimes we have to be realistic with where we're spending our time. Are you really spending your time working toward the things you want to achieve? Did you start this year out with a long list of goals? How many have you accomplished? Have you started the blog post? Have you created the website? Have taken the photo?

In this moment, what could you accomplish RIGHT NOW?

There are enough brunches that will motivate and inspire you but, how many of those do you need to attend before you start doing the work? So let's get it done! Bring your laptop and let's cross off ONE thing on your list and have fun doing it

So what is a laptop party? I kind of made it up. It's just a fun space for us to hang out and work on our laptops! Sounds pretty fun right?! So let’s do it! Fill out the form below! cAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU THERE!

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