The Originals Pack

The Originals Pack


The originals preset pack will go down in #MarricaEvans history! This pack includes all four of my first presets I have ever released to the public and that is what makes it - the original.

Preset 1: "50 Shades" preset is full of greys and desaturated yellows. This preset definitely has a unique style and edgy look. The yellow tones are muted in this preset so if you have on a yellow dress - adjust the yellow saturation in the HSL/Color slider.

Preset 2: "Bright and Airy" preset will bring sunshine and brightness to your photos. a slight warmth and vibrancy to brighten up your feed. 

Preset 3: he "Brown Sugar" preset is my favorite and is a bold, bronze and brown toned. the warm, melaninated tones are so comforting and it's perfect if you love Fall vibes all year round.

Preset 4: The "Sandy Beaches" preset has soft, bright and sandy tones. This preset reminds me of the sandy color near the ocean and was actually created in Waikiki, Hawaii. Definitely bringing the beach vibes to your feed with this one!

You will receive:

  • 4 RAW Presets

  • 4 Mobile Presets

  • The Preset Pack Guide

  • The Mobile Preset Installation Guide

#MarricaEvansPresets can only be used in Adobe Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC on desktop and mobile app. You cannot open a zip file on a mobile device. The zip file can only be downloaded on a desktop! From there please follow the instructions on the guide to use them on your mobile device.

#MarricaEvansPresets were custom made for RAW image files but can be used on iPhone or JPG images but may require additional tweaking. Most of the time the Exposure and the White Balance need to be adjusted depending on your style of shooting such as underexposed vs overexposed and cool vs warm.

Create some fun photos and share them with me using the hashtag: #MarricaEvansPresets that way I can see all of your photos and show you some love!!

Since this is a digital purchase and the presets cannot be returned, unfortunately, I cannot issue refunds. All sales are final; No Refunds.

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