Vintage Preset Pack | #SorryForTheWait

Vintage Preset Pack | #SorryForTheWait


SIX NEW PRESETS!!! It's almost been one year since I released my Originals Preset and this year I wanted to do something fun! I know a lot of people love the simple, clean presets (so do I) but, sometimes its fun spice things up a bit! Maybe turn the sky bright blue or make the photo a little grainy. For the last 6-8 months, I've been using these presets on my personal instagram account, @beingmarrica! You guys have been asking for months "What preset is that?" so here they are! I hope it was worth the wait!

Preset 1: "Simmer Down" preset is super cool and icy. This will give your feed calm, vintage and desaturated tones but still a strong contrast. If you like the laid back, cool vibe - this preset is definitely for you.

Preset 2: "Vintage Film" preset is just that - super vintage! Add the grainy, film vibe to your feed without compromising your skin tone. If you love to spice your feed up and go against the grain (get it!?), this is the perfect preset for you!

Preset 3: "In Living Color" preset is very vibrant and will make every color on your feed pop, especially the greens. If you love a vibrant, colorful feed this preset will bring your feed to life.

Preset 4: "From The 60s" preset brings and old school, black and white vibe to your feed. This is my first black and white preset and I hope you guys love it! I wanted to add a bit of grain and contrast to make it extra special. Bringing it back to the 60s.

Preset 5: "Polaroid Picture" preset is a faded, vintage edit similar to a polaroid print out. It gives an overcast that you will fall in love with! Even though it has an overcast, it still provides a pop of color.

Preset 6: "Ripped Jeans" preset was named after my signature wardrobe style. If you know me, I love ripped jeans! This has been my favorite preset of the summer and the most requested preset on my instastory. It adds an orange/teal vibe that kind of reminds me of "That 70s Show".

You will receive:

  • 6 RAW Presets

  • 6 Mobile Presets

  • The Entire Vintage Preset Pack Guide

  • The Mobile Preset Installation Guide

#MarricaEvansPresets can only be used in Adobe Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC on desktop and mobile app. You cannot open a zip file on a mobile device. The zip file can only be downloaded on a desktop! From there please follow the instructions on the guide to use them on your mobile device.

The Vintage Pack was made for both for RAW and iPhone/JPG images and should be tweaked to your liking. Most of the time the Exposure and the White Balance need to be adjusted depending on your style of shooting such as underexposed vs overexposed and cool vs warm.

Create some fun photos and share them with me using the hashtag: #MarricaEvansPresets that way I can see all of your photos and show you some love!!

Since this is a digital purchase and the presets cannot be returned, unfortunately, I cannot issue refunds. All sales are final; No Refunds.

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