I graduated college and started a business taking pictures!

SO WHAT HOW DID I START? In 2015, my sister gave me a camera for my YouTube channel and my life changed. As a self-taught photographer, I have learned so much about photography on my own and I continue to study my craft every day. With Marrica Evans Media LLC, I produce storytelling content for leading industry beauty brands, bloggers, business owners and content creators. 

Now I am a full-time self-branded photographer and social influencer through my Instagram platforms, @FlauntYourFro and @MarricaEvans. Through my platforms I share my work, my experiences and teach other freelance creatives the power of telling a story. 


ABOUT MARRICA -  23-year old creative telling stories through her camera.

Hellllllo! Marrica Evans here! So let me tell you about me. So, what do I do? Many of you may know me as, @flauntyourfro or "the girl with the fro that takes pictures." Ha! But overall, I am a creative with a passion for telling stories through my photos. is space for creatives, bloggers and my prospective clients to book sessions, view my portfolio. My day-to-day is capturing story telling images and videos for bloggers, creatives, and business owners, managing social media platforms and sharing my experiences on my channel or blog along the way.